Discover our food entrepreneurs


Discover Malaysian cuisine at Malar's. The authentic Asian dishes are made with recipes straight from Malaysia and served with passion.


Create your own guilty pleasure in the Magnum Pleasure Store and compile your own favourite Magnum. A fruity taste, a crispy nut or simply melt for chocolate? The choice is yours.


A fan of avocado? Then you should definitely visit AVO. Here you'll find avocados in all culinary shapes and the most surprising dishes.


De Karnivoor is heaven on earth for every meat eater. Classics are being transformed into modern creations and taste better than ever. Each dish is made with a lot of love & passion and that you can taste.


Hot dogs with champagne or hamburgers with cocktails. These are not sins. Succumb to Envy, Greed or Pride with extra mustard and without guilt.


With traditional tapas Taberna Lisboa brings sunny Lisbon all the way to Ghent. The typical flavours of Portuguese cuisine will immerse you in a Mediterranean atmosphere. Be sure to try the selection of beers and wines..


Sea Me is run by the Leys brothers and serves wine and oysters in a relaxed atmosphere. You can choose between both Flemish classics with a twist and internationally inspired dishes.


Beer can also provide a culinary experience. Case in point: our beer bar, where you can choose from a wide range of beers. More than 40 beers are freshly tapped here.


The dishes served by Yalla Yalla are the perfect way to discover Lebanese cuisine. The most famous dish on the menu is the falafel sandwich, but all the other flavours, dishes and snacks seem to come straight out of Beirut as well. komen.


Bubba's croquettes are fresh, hand-made and artisanal. They're available in a wide range of flavours, from the classic cheese croquettes up to seasonal croquettes with asparagus and shrimp or even forgotten fish species.


The dishes at Hos-T get a divine make-over and are presented as hosts. Combine these with the home-made HOSTEA and this will be one version of the last supper you won't forget quickly.n.


The pizzas of Iovine’s will definitely lead you into temptation. Fresh ingredients and self-made dough: the perfect place for demanding pizza lovers.


Combine Russian, Kazach and Belgian cuisine and you get Marussia. Each dish is made with respect for tradition and will tell you something about Russia's rich history.


Have something to celebrate? Or do you just want to treat yourself? Then make sure to come by Bar Brut. You're always welcome for a nice cocktail or a coupe of champagne.


All over the world people commit sweet Darcis sins. It's the place to be for pastry and ice cream lovers, but especially for chocolate fans.


No Holy Food Market without Ghent's candy phenomenon. Cuberdon Carl lets you get a taste of the famous 'noses' in a variety of ways. There's cuberdon paté, cuberdon cheese and even cuberdon beer.