Discover our Food Vendors

The Holy Food Market is a must-see for visitors to Ghent! In our food hall you will discover flavors from all over the world in the historical center of Ghent. With the monuments from Flemish history at your fingertips, you can enjoy European, Asian, African and American cuisines here.

A perfect opportunity to enjoy culinary during a wonderful weekend in Ghent. We hope to welcome you to try our dishes, snacks and drinks and to taste the atmosphere in the Holy Food Market.


1. Malar's

Discover Malaysian cuisine at Malar's. The authentic Asian dishes are made with recipes straight from Malaysia and served with passion.

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2. Magnum Pleasure Store

Create your own guilty pleasure in the Magnum Pleasure Store and compile your own favourite Magnum. A fruity taste, a crispy nut or simply melt for chocolate? The choice is yours.

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3. Komatsu

Komatsu - created by world renowned chef Komatsu - is the epitome of Japanese cooking: defined by the freshness, quality and minimalism of Japanese cuisine this restaurant serves the best sushi and sashimi in Belgium.

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4. L'Arrostiscano

L'Arrosticino lets you enjoy lesser-known Italian regions such as Abruzzo (best known for its wine) and Rome, the eternal city: for example arrosticino and porchetta. This unique concept combines craftsmanship, passion, great flavours and professionalism.

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5. Taste of Peace

Taste of Peace takes Flower Power (or Power Flower, depending on whom you ask) to the next level. With their beautiful, fresh and enormously tasty vegan dishes Taste of Peace makes you want to put down your steak knife forever!

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6. Taberna Lisboa

Taberna Lisboa brings the soothing and relaxing dishes of Portugal to Ghent. These dishes make you want to ditch the hurly-burly and go straight to warmer, and more easy-going, climes.

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7. Sea Me

An addition from the brothers Leys themselves, Sea Me has an excellent selection of wine, bubbles, oysters, crab, caviar and mussels. Try a variety of Belgian seafood with our always rewarding Fruit de Mer!

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8. Tunes and Airwaves

Stay tuned: one of Belgium's most popular radio stations will play the most trendy tunes here.

9. Divine Pasta

Divine Pasta - the name says it all. This Italian outpost in Ghent offers a wide selection of fresh ingredients for you to create you own, you guessed it, divine pasta. We also offer gluten-free options for the more discerning foodies.

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10. Bubba Kroketten

Bubba serves that most Belgian of dishes: croquettes, but with a twist. The variety of different flavours in these artisinally made snacks, produced with the freshest ingredients, will surprise you: from old-school but delectable classics like veal and shrimp to innovative tastes like Maredsous with wild boar.

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11. Maharaza

Maharaza - the destination in Ghent for high-end Bombay-style dishes. Innovative and modern Indian that you can enjoy every day. Opens its doors at the end of January 2018!

12. Iovine's

Iovine's serves pizzas with only the freshest ingredients, made with homemade dough. Taste these authentic Italian dishes like you would in Campania and Napoli!

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13. Marussia

Marussia brings the cuisine from the endless steppes to Europe. Inspired by the Russian and Kazakh cooking styles (think caviar!) Marussia is steeped in traditions that let you taste the culinary history of Russia.

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14. Meatless

This burger concept, proudly recently added to the Holy Food Market, brings healthy and very tasty vegas burgers to the center of Ghent. Try our vegiburgers and let yourself be completely surprised!

15. Holy Bar

Holy Bar is where we invite you to sit down, relax with a glass of champagne and enjoy all we have to offer. Located centrally in our beautiful and classy Holy Food Market this is the place for a glass of champagne or an exciting new cocktail.

16. Cuberdon's

Cuberdon's "neuzekes" of course cannot be missing from a Ghent institution like the Holy Food Market! This world famous (in Belgium) East Flemish delicacy by Carl Demeestere will let you taste a piece of Ghent history.

17. Holy Shop

In our Holy Shop you can find our special offers: delicacies to take home and enjoy. It will open its doors soon!

18. Private Events

Holy Food Market offers the possibility of having your private event in its beautiful location. Contact us for more information.

Opening Hours:

Monday to Friday: from 11:00 until 22:00 *
Weekends: from 12:00 until 23:00 *
* Check your favourite vendors online as some will close from 15:00 until 18:00.

Bar open after 23:00