H-Co: Coworking in Ghent

The new millenium has brought many changes. One of those is the way people work. Many of you do not work from behind a desk anymore. Start-ups, creatives and freelancers look for new, fun coworking spaces that have more to offer than a coffee machine, IKEA furniture and fluorescent light.

With H-Co the Holy Food Market has created a space for people who want to work in a comfortable environment but do not always want to work from the office (or home). H-Co was conceived to bring you all the amenities of the Holy Food Market while working in peace and without distraction.

H-Co provides fast and wireless internet, efficient and rapid service, cool and fun surroundings and naturally the culinary offerings of the Holy Food Market. This way you can quickly go from working space to meetings: what better place to bring your partners and clients than the beautful Holy Food Market itself?

H-Co offers several subscription options:

H-Co Silver (4 days / month)
€ 100,- ex BTW

H-Co Gold (8 days / month)
€ 150,- ex BTW

H-Co Platinum (12 days / month)
€ 200,- ex BTW

+ Add extra days
€ 25,- ex BTW