Manna from Heaven

For a divine lunch or dinner in Ghent visit the Baudelo chapel located on the Ottogracht. The Holy Food Market was inspired by the food halls in Barcelona, Rotterdam and Copenhagen. You will enjoy the cuisines of 16 different cultures in one beautifully decorated 16th-century chapel, with a central bar for liquid sacraments. Order a cocktail and bite into our diverse and ever-changing food while soaking up the atmosphere of a chapel where the young Mozart played some of his first concerts. On the first floor you can find our exclusive club, with its gorgeous stained glass window. We are, after all, in church. Amen.


Holy Water Gin

Holy Water Mustard is a unique, spicy but breezy gin based on the famous, authentic Tierenteyn mustard from Ghent.
Perfect for exciting moments and relaxed aperos. Its little brother Holy Water Cuberdon is based on the cuberdons, the purple candy from Ghent also known as 'noses'.
Expect a playful and sweet taste. "But without getting sticky", as Ladislas says. Both gins are based on, among other things, juniper berries, coriander, cardamom, angelica and orange.

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About Us

Holy Food Market has redefined the modern food hall trend. Located in Ghent it has quickly become the hottest culinary destination, breathing new life into a historic 17th century chapel.

We focus on the importance of the social experience, allowing for guests to explore a variety of culinary options, to be enjoyed with family, friends and colleagues. It is a new drinking and dining concept, bringing a much needed culinary and entertainment option to Ghent. As you walk into Holy Food Market you are taken into a world of its own, take a foodie journey through the many different cuisines. Some examples are Japanese, Thai, Russian, or Italian. Start with fresh oysters and finish with your own custom made magnum ice cream bar. With 15 stalls to choose from you can’t go wrong!

We are constantly reinventing the food experience by bringing in trendsetting food and beverage venues that provide a unique amenity for guests, while helping to bring new excitement and energy to transform Ghent. Step through the entrance of Holy Food Market and you’ll automatically see that history got a makeover. Every detail of our stunning space pays homage to a pioneer spirit while embracing a truly modern sensibility.

We encourage people to hang out, Holy Food Market is a flexible space to gather, from morning coffee to lunchtime shopping, date-night dinners, and late-night dancing. Holy Food Market is a daily gathering place and culinary destination, all year round.

The perfect spot for your group as everyone can chose whatever they like as you all come together and enjoy each other's company. Have the freedom to sit wherever you want as the tables downstairs are to share and the upstairs lounge as well is yours to choose.


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Holy Food Market

  • Beverhoutplein 15, 9000 Gent